Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Barkcloth Tuesday

If you LOVE tactile vintage Barkcloth fabric......
If you ADORE prints in tropical, plumed, floral and atomic...
If you GASP with delight when you see gaudy and odd color combinations....
If you feel NOSTALGIC when you think about the 1940s & 1950s regardless of your age

Oh Lucy!...for the Love of Pete!
Grab a cup of coffee and visit Valerie's etsy shop...For The Love of Pete...
"Easy to Love Barkcloth Bags-Inspired by a Sailor!"

  She's a skilled artisan who creates beautifully constructed Vintage Barkcloth bags that are irresistible!  Each bag is listed with delightful photos, a theme and a lovely dedication to Pete...A marvelous variety of style, color and pattern in vintage Barkcloth fabrics!

My new favorite Clutch, with a luscious vintage button accent:

The yummy colors are Cocoa brown, Salmon pink, Olive green, Steel gray and black.  Valerie has finessed the fabric to both retain the marvelous Eams era pattern and create a roomy, high quality clutch bag with a secure magnetic closure..... Did I mention I LOVE this clutch?...Thanks Valerie!

Additional drool-worthy Barkcloth entertainment:

**Sherry DeGrave's is building a photo catalogue of  Vintage Barkcloth Style Names
on the Image Event site.  It's a work in progress, currently showing over 500 different pattern styles.

** On the 'Quilter's Muse Virtual Museum' site, Bark Cloth Then and Now by Patricia L. Cummings.

Happy Barkcloth Tuesday!!



  1. Thank you so very much Ann! For the love of Pete, I find your blog irresistible!! And thanks for the barkcloth links-I'm going to check those out too!

  2. I love barkcloth with a mildly insane love--YAY for Barkcloth Tuesday, which is giving me a happy moment in the middle of a rainy, dreary workday.