Thursday, November 17, 2011

Where did the week go Thursday was Monday a minute ago wasn't it?...AND it was Summer!  Good grief, what happened to summer?...
You know, if I'd taken time between kids and work and become a fan of Sports and ignored life and  watched Sports I'd probably be more aware of time and the change of seasons.......sporting events seem fairly well regulated.
Well who knew THAT would be important later in life?

On the up side, I love sweaters and coats and cold weather gear.  The textures and colors are hats hide hair and coats hide pajamas so it takes less time to get ready to run errands in the grocery-getter on my day off from work..  (That's just being time efficient, not lazy.)

Soooooo...since it's come to my attention that it's November for gosh sakes, let's look at some fashionable Autumn and Winter styles...


Don't let last minute party plans ruffle your feathers...stay adorably cute and elegantly classy in an ensemble of dramatic pink & black by the 'Canine Clothier"  Stand tall and condescendingly give the stink eye to canines who have no time management skills and dare to attend the party nude.

Lil Lupita's Chic Boutique


Black Friday is the perfect opportunity to effortlessly run like a champion racing through stores to pick up all those sale items.  Stay stylishly warm in a lovely pink Fleece and Sherpa Custom Dog Coat by Warmwags...and accent those beautiful eyes with the add on snood
You're off to the airport to meet family flying in for the holidays!  This cute double-sided Fleece coat by Bodielicious will keep you comfortably warm while you're jumping up in the air to try to see over the pickups and suvs and find your KIA in the airport parking garage.
At the end of your busy day, relax on the deck and reflect on the past year, contemplate life in general and try to decide if it's really worth the effort to wrap holiday packages or just stick a bow on the shop bag in a lovely burnt orange Pullover Knit Sweater & hat by  Robin at The Doggie Market.
The Doggie Market

Arms wide open for all those sweet doggie models and kudos to their talented and creative owners!

Happy Thursday!


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  1. Fun post Ann! Happy Friday:) And have a great weekend too!
    (I'm loving ALL those coats!)