Monday, November 7, 2011

Monday MOPs

After procrastinating about where to start with this blog, I'm jumping in with both feet and doing a happy dance about this listing by Squirrel Moon Knits on etsy...(the artist formerly know as pattoncy). She makes luscious elegant hand knitted pretties for lovely BJD dolls.  Please take a minute to visit her shop even if you don't collect dolls.  You'll be inspired by her eye for color, perspective and knitting skill.

The buttons she adopted for her creation were tiny 7mm vintage Mother of Pearl buttons from my vintage button supply shop on etsy...Odd Cat Buttons

These little pretties were found lovingly wrapped together in the bottom of a box lot at an estate sale. Originally there were 35, but most were discarded because they were chalky beyond saving or chipped and broken. Because of their quality, style and color, I believe they were originally used on a vintage late 1800s early 1900s woman's wedding or travel suit. It makes me smile to think they've received a new opportunity to become cherished.

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  1. And it makes me smile to know where and how you found these lovely little treasures! I'm glad to be part of their ongoing life--have to wonder where they'll wind up 100 years from now . . .